A look back at our participation in Consensus 2022

Consensus 2022 by Wecan Group Token Web3

Since the announcement of the launch of our Wecan Token last month and a successful first round of private sale, our teams are enthusiastically preparing the sale of the Token to the general public by relying on the experiences of prestigious advisors.

In this context, David Delmi and Hugo Vetrano, two of our Business Developers, traveled to Austin, Texas, to take part in Consensus 2022, the world’s most important Crypto event organized by Coindesk!
Here is our review of this unique event which highlighted the growing craze for the future of cryptocurrencies and blockchain.

Consensus 2022: A long awaited event and a massive crowd!

After two years of running online due to covid, Consensus 2022, the world’s largest blockchain event, finally took place in person on June 7-12 in Austin, Texas, where the focus was the rise of Web3 and non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

In a context marked by the fall of crypto-currencies, Coindesk demonstrated that the Americans had not lost their ability to organize spectacular large-scale events.

The Austin Convention Center had been entirely privatized to welcome the best of the crypto global ecosystem. The whole city resounded to the rhythm of this event that welcomed more than 17,000 visitors from all over the world who came to brave the scorching heat of Texas. By comparison, Consensus 2018 attracted “only” 9,000 attendees.

Consensus by Coindesk Conference Austin

Optimism as a watchword

The main themes that ruled the discussion during the show & side events were the rise of Web3 and the optimism surrounding cryptos.

Among the participants, it was exciting to see the emergence of new concrete platforms after the last years were mainly marked by very subjective visions.

Concrete projects related to Web 3 have been highlighted, giving the feeling that we are witnessing the end of the huge platforms of Web 2, to make room for Web 3 where creators and contributors receive benefits for their participation, thus putting NFTs at the heart of the future challenges and successes of tomorrow!

Consensus 2022 Conference Wecan Token

A positive and beneficial participation for Wecan and Wecan Token!

This advent of web 3 and tokens was obviously welcomed with great enthusiasm by David and Hugo who represented Wecan at the event.
This optimism has reinforced our choice to launch our Wecan Token to pay the registration of each transaction on Wecan Chain, our own blockchain infrastructure that powers our applications Wecan Comply and Wecan Connect.

Our participation also enables us to network, to keep abreast of the latest innovations, and to meet possible future partners.

The quality and multiplicity of the meetings were precious additional assets to ensure the success of our future projects.

We were in particular lucky enough to benefit from the advice of Charles Hoskinson, co-founder of Ethereum & Cardano, with whom we discussed about our Web3 product suite and the launch of our token.

This participation has been positive in all points and we come back with new contacts, ideas and certainties to serenely face our next challenges!

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