Swiss secure messaging

Secure, Private & Compliant.

Everyone deserves to secure their private communications. Whether it’s with family, friends, or advisors (financial, health, travel, or otherwise), no one should be able to violate this fundamental right.

Why use Wecan Connect?

Data leak

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Identity theft

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Fines for non-compliance

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Wecan Connect

for personal use

Preserving your privacy and protecting yourself from hackers should be free.

Our 100% Swiss-Made app allows you to communicate for free while securing your privacy with blockchain technology.

To activate the application, please contact us via the form below

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Wecan Connect

for businesses

Data is the new gold. And hackers are going for it.

To secure their future, businesses have a responsibility to protect their clients, their employees and their reputation.

With Wecan Connect, keep your company and your clients safe and be compliant with regulations.

Bring your teams and clients peace of mind and focus on quality interactions.


Remain compliant and pamper your clients with the most innovative and secure communication channel.

Words from our partner

We want to offer our clients services that secure their data and their exchanges while respecting their privacy. The exclusivity behind our hotel or medical activities will be further strengthened with what we are going to set up with Wecan, and will enable our customers to be in an exclusive club on an international scale.

Michel Reybier

Founder of La Reserve Group