Blockchain Secured & Instant Messaging

Wecan Connect is a Blockchain secure instant messaging for professionals with distributed data storage.

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Blockchain Auditability

Thanks to the blockchain, you can prove that each message is authentic. Certified copies, digital signatures, call back suppression or IP protection will be as simple as an instant message.

Web3 Rewards

A messaging service that rewards its community. That's what we're offering you. 10% of revenue in tokens will be redistributed to users.

Distributed data storage

To avoid any risk of cyber security or exploitation of the data, you store it directly, either on your phone or on your servers.

Wecan Connect for personal use

Secure your personal communication

Preserving your privacy and protecting yourself from hackers should be free.

Our 100% Swiss-Made app allows you to communicate for free while securing your privacy with blockchain technology.

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Personal features

Phone number kept secret

Your phone number is used to create you a secret identity. But it is never shared. We don’t even have it, it remains on your phone. However, your contacts will easily find you using your phone number.

Join circles

Join exclusive communities, at your request or upon invitation and benefit from exclusive content & offers. Extend your network by meeting people sharing similar interests.

Tamper-proof forward

Forwarded messages are immutable and history of transfer is auditable.

Web3 features

Message and Earn

Earn Wecan Rewards for every message you receive.

Bug bounty

Earn tokens for helping us identify and correct errors.

Refer and Earn

Invite your contacts and earn Wecan Token (WECAN) for each contact who opens a personal account.

Wecan Connect for Businesses

One App for all your business communication

Data is the new gold. And hackers are going for it.

To secure their future, businesses have a responsibility to protect their clients, their employees and their reputation.

With Wecan Connect, keep your company and your clients safe and be compliant with regulations.

Bring your teams and clients peace of mind and focus on quality interactions.


Remain compliant and pamper your clients with the most innovative and secure communication channel.

Business features

Biometric-lock on messages

Secure your message with a biometric lock to make sure that only its recipient can read it.

Team support

One contact point can be managed by several users. Your customers will be never left unanswered.

For internal & external communication

Allow your team to exchange internally and reach customers directly on their mobile phone.

100% Auditable

All exchanges are auditable and immutable. Unique references to message (hashes) are stored on our private blockchain: the Wecan Chain.

Other business features

Web app

A web app available for efficient communication on your workstation.

Manage circles

Build exclusive communities with advanced group features. Obtain visibility by making your group public or keep it secret with strict communication rules. Your circle, your choice.

Advanced admin tools

Whether you are an SME or an international corporation, administrate your account to mach your business needs.

Your data is your business

Store your business data on your own cloud or on a dedicated environment. No one else has access.

Why use Wecan Connect?

"More than 885 million financial and personal records linked to real estate transactions were exposed through a common website design error. (source)"

"Piratage de WhatsApp via la messagerie vocale (source)"

"BNP Is Latest Bank to Pay Fine in Sprawling US Messaging Probe (source)"

"Les cybercriminels débordent d’imagination pour pirater les comptes WhatsApp. Les utilisateurs doivent agir rapidement (source)"

Some key differences among the most popular chat apps

Words from our partner

We want to offer our clients services that secure their data and their exchanges while respecting their privacy. The exclusivity behind our hotel or medical activities will be further strengthened with what we are going to set up with Wecan, and will enable our customers to be in an exclusive club on an international scale.

Michel Reybier

Founder of La Reserve Group

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