About Wecan

We’re a passionate, ambitious and collaborative team deeply committed to imagining and developing blockchain joint-ventures with strategic partners.

A growing ecosystem

We build decentralized software products to create the digital trust infrastructure of tomorrow. We value our ecosystem of pioneering partners.

Our vision

One day, everything will be tokenized and connected by a blockchain.

The data economy is a rapidly growing sector, with the European data economy alone projected to be worth over $550 billion by 2025 and Data Tokenization is the next trend.

We tokenize data with a utility token on a blockchain for auditability, time-stamping and secure sharing.

Our values

We are entrepreneurs

We can challenge the status quo and spark innovation thanks to our entrepreneurial mindset.

Data privacy

We can respect data privacy with zero knowledge proof.


We can make data standardized and interoperable, thanks to integrations and oracles.


We can put security 1st with blockchain based decentralized network.

Data ownership

We can give back data ownership, never monetized and under the sole control of its owner.


We can make it accessible, by putting the user and the design at the center.


Wecan Group’s infrastructure and processes comply with ISO 27001.

You can download the certificates received from IQNET and SQS.


Wecan is Winner of 10 Wealth Briefing Awards in 4 years as:

  • European Best Blockchain Solution
  • Best Data Provider
  • & Best Compliance Solution.

Office in Geneva

Avenue de Sécheron 15
Bâtiment CBIP
1202 Geneva, Switzerland

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