wecan token

The token for the Wecan ecosystem

Wecan Token is a utility token to allow Wecan actual & future users to pay for the record of transactions on our ETH layer 2 blockchain, Wecan Chain.


Why a token?

The Wecan Token has a defined and precise use. Customers using our blockchain will pay the transaction fees with the Wecan Token.

From our mobile App, our users will be able to view their Wecan Token balance and transfer it to third party users of the App.

At any time, users will be able to transfer their token to their own wallet.


Who are going to use it?

A hundred financial institutions composed of the most prestigious Swiss private banks and external asset managers use our tools and will therefore be able to use the Wecan Token.

We are also developing new business cases with other industries, notably the luxury industry with private clinics and hotels. The Michel Reybier Hospitality group, present in Europe in these sectors, is a key partner and the lead investor of the first private presale of the Wecan Token.


Next steps

Q1 2022

Finma ruling

Q2 2023

End of the Private Presale

Q3 2023

Public Presale

Q4 2023



Our advisors

Christophe Fonteneau


Christophe Lassuyt


Alexis Roussel


Florian Ducommun

Bonnard Lawson International Law Firm

Stéphane Joris

JNC Avocats

Berney Associés


Download and read our White Paper

The performance of our blockchain is publicly benchmark with other blockchain thanks to the laboratory of Polytechnique School of Lausanne. Our ambition is to be one of the best for security, scalability and energy consumption.

We plan to list our Token on the marketplace by the end of the year 2023.


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Read our FAQ

Wecan Group is building an ecosystem of products that is powered by blockchain. Whenever any kind of data is exchanged within our ecosystem (messages, documents, etc.), a transaction is made on our ETH layer 2 blockchain to register the transaction paid with the token. This makes it secure, auditable and immutable.

According to the Swiss Financial Market Authority (FINMA), utility tokens are tokens which are intended to provide digital access to an application or service.
The Wecan Token only allows users to register transactions on our ETH layer 2 Blockchain, Wecan Chain.

Please feel free to contact our team if you are interested in buying our tokens. You can also meet us at the main blockchain events.

Pricing was based on our ETH blockchain layer 2 (Wecan Chain) transaction cost as our token is a utility token used on our digital tools. Our tools allow the safe exchange of data and are based on Wecan Chain. Each message generates a transaction on our blockchain. The token price (0.001 USD) is then based on this transaction cost.