wecan token

The token empowering a unique Web 3.0 ecosystem of solutions

Discover Wecan Token, the token used in the ecosystem of products and solutions powered by Wecan Chain, our own blockchain infrastructure.


A Suite of blockchain Products

Thanks to secure channels, our clients can develop their business through a very exclusive messaging system only accessible with cooptation. The end clients will have a premium network of companies like private banks, palace, private clinics, luxury goods, External Asset Manager, trustees, etc.

More than only a messaging system, we also develop the most exclusive network and marketplace in the Web 3.0.

We already count 13 of the most exclusive private banks, 80 of the biggest External Asset Managers and 17 of the most luxury palace in Europe.And it’s just the beginning.

In ten years, we want to be a suite of products based on our blockchain and powered by our Token. And we will have clients globally to accelerate their business and manage cyber-security issues, risk management, audit and compliance.

global features

Main carateristics of our Products are:


They are the most secure in the market to facilitate messaging between multi stakeholders

Privacy by design

They are the most respectful of privacy by design with full encryption end to end even for Wecan.

Full auditability

They allow full auditability thanks to the blockchain with 2 Layers (Private & Public).


The ownership of the data, documents and value are decentralised to their owner.

Free for individuals

They are free for individuals.

Based on Rest API

They are based on Rest API to simplify integration.

Full service

Enterprise pay for a range of services (auditability, multi users, integration, client support, etc.).


All our Products can be use on mobile or computer.


Developers can contribute and submit Applications on our marketplace.


They are powered by our Token to register Transactions on our Blockchain.


All our Products are co-created with our clients with design thinking methods.


Read our Press Release and download our White Paper

The performance of our blockchain is publicly benchmark with others blockchain thanks to the laboratory of Polytechnique School of Lausanne. Our ambition is to be one of the best for security, scalability and energy consumption.

We plan to list our Token on marketplace by the end of the year 2022.

We also work on R&D to anticipate the future and in particular quantic computing to protect in a sustainable way our clients.


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