Wecan welcomes Michel Reybier as a new investor

Michel Reybier Investor Wecan Blockchain Geneva Switzerland Switzerland Suisse Genève

Wecan Group is very pleased to welcome Michel Reybier as a new investor. This new fundraising of CHF 1.7 Million completes our series B for a total amount of CHF 3,3 Million. The arrival of this visionary investor will enable this Swiss pioneer to benefit from his expertise in order to diversify our blockchain-based compliance solution towards the hotel, medical, wine, real estate, lawyers and governments industries.

Intended to support its expansion in Switzerland and internationally as it opens up new markets, this financing demonstrates the interest and confidence of well-informed investors who are keen to support WeCan Group in its growth.

“This investment is in line with my strategy of investing in innovative, digital and privacy-friendly companies. WeCan Group has already proven itself in Switzerland with private banks and we believe in the potential for development in other industries such as the hotel industry,” says Michel Reybier.

This fundraising will allow the acceleration of its projects such as Wecan Comply, already used by 13 banks and more than 74 external asset managers in only 10 months.

It also reinforces the will of WeCan Group SA, the first blockchain infrastructure enabling banks to manage their customers’ compliance, to offer a solution for the secure storage and exchange of structured data and documents between organizations and individuals.

Whether with employees, suppliers, shareholders, partners or customers, Wecan wants to generalize and extend to other industries the simplicity of having a Golden Copy of each data and ensuring their compliance in real time.

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