Wecan Connect at La Réserve Geneva for client privacy and increased efficiency

La Réserve Geneva is rolling out the Wecan Connect technology to secure communications with its clients, propose exclusive offers and increase efficiency. Didier Bru, General Manager mentioned:

“We are happy and proud to announce, that La Réserve Genève is now fully connected on Wecan connect. All our staff is able to exchange on this new tool, which allows us to communicate internally within our different circles, in a secured way about the needs and wishes of our valued clients.

It also assures to our guest a very high level of confidentiality from the first minute of their stay until their Check-out and even after their stay.

A very warm “Thank You” to all the team of Wecan connect for the successful installation and their kind help. A special Thanks goes to Vincent Pignon and Nathan Douet, who were true parties for this project.

Wecan Connect also opens to us the possibility to connect with all their users, who wish to join the Circle of La Réserve Genève allowing them to be informed about the lates News of the hotel.
Especially this year, as La Réserve Genève celebrates its 20th anniversary and proposes an exciting culinary and hospitality program in the next few months.

Do not miss our news, join the circle La Réserve Genève!”

Didier Bru General Manager


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