Web3Connect – Press review

Last Wednesday October 5, 2022, we co-organized with Cité Gestion and CREA – OMNES Education the first edition of Web3Connect in Geneva (more info here).

This one-day conferences event gathered private banking and wealth management professionals with the most influential personalities in the Web 3.0 industry and exceeded every expectation.

This gathering was eagerly awaited by the financial actors of French-speaking Switzerland, curious to learn more about blockchain, digital finance and Web3.

For this exclusive and unique event in the region, prestigious speakers from worldwide renowned companies such as Ledger, Kaiko, BitMEX, Coinbase, FTX and Swiss leaders in the industry took the stage all day long to enable financial actors to discuss and understand the challenges Web3 ecosystems are facing.

Discover the press review of an event at the crossroads of the financial and crypto worlds.

Heidi News

  • French-speaking Switzerland will have its own event dedicated to the web3 (in French)
    In this article, Heidi News also interviewed Vincent Pignon, our CEO, to know more about the first edition of Web3Connect.
    While the cryptocurrency market is not at its best, Vincent explained the interest of this event that enables Swiss financial actors to discover blockchain, web3.0 and digital finance.

All News

  • State of the art of Web 3.0 in Geneva (in French)
    In this article, Allnews interviewed Vincent Pignon, CEO of WeCan Group, about the 1st edition of Web3Connect, an exclusive event in the region dedicated to the Web 3.0 ecosystem and bound to become a must-attend event.
  • Blockchain will change the lives of bankers and their clients (in French)
    Allnews interviewed Christophe Utelli Vice-CEO at Cité Gestion and Andrea Baldassa, Project Manager at Cité-Gestion, one of the 3 co-organizers of Web3Connect.
    In this interview, they explain that Web 3 technology will frankly make life easier for bankers and their clients by rethinking the management of securities and creating new financial assets.
  • Facilitate convergence between decentralized and traditional finance (in French)
    Allnews interviewed Massimo Butti, Head of equity at SIX Digital (SDX) and speaker at Web3Connect.
    In this interview, he presents the services offered by SIX’s digital platform that will simplify access to capital for companies and start-ups.
  • Blockchain is no longer a matter for geeks (in French)
    Allnews also interviewed Peter Hofmann, Regional manager Switzerland at Coinbase and speaker at Web3Connect with Salama Belghali (BitMEX) and Martin Liebi (FTX) during the crypto exchanges panel.
    In this interview, he details his vision and explains that the Web3 of 2022 corresponds to the Internet of the 1990s.
  • A successful first edition for the Web3Connect (in French)
    One week after the 1st edition of Web3Connect, Allnews came back on the success of this event which met a very strong craze. The media dedicated to finance in French-speaking Switzerland proposed a summary of this day of conferences and networking.


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