Mirabaud joins the Wecan platform

Geneva, 12 January 2021- Mirabaud & Cie SA is pleased to announce its decision to join the blockchain platform Wecan Comply, a Swiss Fintech company created in 2015 to facilitate and standardise the administrative integration of its independent asset managers (EAM).

This platform will streamline the process of exchanging and validating legal documents, using blockchain technology, between the bank and the EAMs. Wecan Comply is the first global banking compliance solution based on blockchain technology; its objective is to standardise the compliance documents downloaded directly onto the platform by EAMs.

According to Pierre Donnet, head of independent asset managers at Mirabaud & Cie SA: “The quest for excellence in service is Mirabaud’s daily raison d’être. We favour technological progress wherever it can help us streamline administrative tasks, as this allows us to devote more quality time to our clients and focus more on their specific needs. »

 Nicolas Mirabaud, Managing Partner, adds: “Technology is not an end in itself, but a means to achieve our real objectives, namely to guide and serve our clients as well as possible. In this respect, we attach great importance to our EAM clients. This digital solution, which offers a secure and normative approach created by Wecan Comply, allows our EAMs and Mirabaud to focus on what really matters: customer needs. »

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