EPFL and Wecan Group will develop a blockchain methodology with the support of Innosuisse, the Swiss Innovation Agency.

Wednesday, March 3, 2021 – Wecan Group, has been selected to be part of Innosuisse, a program lead by the Swiss Innovation Agency. The aim of this project is to build bridges and create synergies between the research and business area. Through this project, Wecan Group is going to partner with EPFL to develop a methodology to evaluate the scalability and security of any blockchain project.

The project is part of many dynamics that combine in-depth knowledge in cybersecurity and data protection to help bring Switzerland to the forefront of these digital trust issues. The goal of this project is to advance the state-of-the-art of cybersecurity by offering a solution that evaluates the vulnerability and the performance of a blockchain-based application. There appears to be little to no comprehensive work done in the area of blockchain evaluation.

EPFL teams lead by professor Rachid Gerraoui together with Wecan Group will develop a unique methodology to highlight potential points of failure of a blockchain-based application and deliver an open-source evaluation framework to monitor key performance indicators.

This open-source assessment framework will ensure compliance with the highest security and quality standards for all actors developing blockchain-based applications in Switzerland and abroad.

The methodologies and evaluations framework developed by the EPFL will be tested and improved on a Wecan Group blockchain platform called Wecan Comply (www.wecancomply.com) .

Wecan Group has also been selected to be part of the Tech 4 Trust program (https://trustvalley.swiss/tech4trust/) that is supported by EPFL.

About  EPFL Distributed Computing Laboratory :


The Distributed Computing Laboratory has developed over the last two decades innovative solutions on Transactional Memory (https://dcl.epfl.ch/site/transactions), Cryptocurrencies (https://dcl.epfl.ch/site/cryptocurrencies), Safe AI and in particular Distributed Machine Learning from the perspective of Byzantine resilience (https://dcl.epfl.ch/site/safeai), as well as from the perspective of Private Recommender Systems (https://dcl.epfl.ch/site/web-alter-egos), and more recently,  Distributed Algorithms for New Technologies: RDMA and NVRAM



 About Rachid Guerraoui:


Rachid Guerraoui has been affiliated with the Commissariat à l’Energie Atomique of Saclay, Hewlett Packard Laboratories, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and College de France. He has worked in a variety of aspects of distributed computing, including distributed algorithms and distributed programming languages. He is most well known for his work on e-Transactions, epidemic information dissemination and indulgent algorithms (http://lpdwww.epfl.ch/rachid/index.html).


About Wecan Comply:

The objective of the Wecan Comply application is to reduce the compliance workload while improving data quality. This unique platform is facilitating communication between External Asset Managers and their custodian banks, allowing faster onboarding, bringing real time compliance for the first time, and improving data quality. Visit wecancomply.com

About Wecan Group

Wecan is a swiss based company created in 2015. First active in crowdfunding we started actively looking into blockchain as a way to improve our solution. Realizing that we needed to pivot hard to put this technology at the core of our business, Wecan shifted to blockchain technology in 2018. We are now helping others to reinvent their business thanks to blockchain rather than witnessing others disrupt them.

We address our partner’s needs in different industries through our blockchain competencies and a co-creation process. We create value by offering them tailor-made and innovative solutions thanks to our blockchain expertise and strategic competencies.

Wecan brings a new dimension to blockchain projects, it’s not about the technology nor the hype, it’s about allowing real collaboration among actors. The real blockchain journey starts when efforts on non-competitive topics are shared and you can focus on added value tasks.

https://www.wecangroup.ch/ (official website)

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