Discover Wecan Comply and a new application, Wecan Connect, The WhatsApp of private management

After bringing together 13 private banks in 9 months on its Wecan Comply platform, and attracting wealth managers representing more than CHF 100 billion AuM, the Swiss company Wecan specializing in blockchain solutions launches Wecan Connect, the WhatsApp of private management.

Discover this new solution that will revolutionize exchanges between private banks, their Independent Asset Managers and end clients!

With the increase of shared data, communication channels and security risks, digitalization becomes an obligation, considers Patrick Humbert-Veri (COO, Pléion). Like many other users, this is the reason why he uses the Wecan Comply solution which answers all these stakes.

From the banks’ point of view, depending on the subject, it is in their interest to federate around a solution that becomes a market standard. This is in order to bring efficiency to the GFIs and to the other actors involved, reports Cédric Haenni (COO, Pictet Asset Services).

Based on these findings and the growing success of Wecan Comply in Switzerland and internationally, Wecan launches Wecan Connect, the WhatsApp for private banking, that will provide a unique response to the problems of security, authenticity and fluidity of exchanges between private banking players.

The security issue is becoming more and more obvious, especially with emails. Creating a WhatsApp for independent asset managers, banks and their clients with end-to-end encryption is a response expected by the market, says Benoit Barbereau (COO, Edmond de Rotschild).

With the new generations, the use of digital tools will not be an option, but an obligation because the clientele will be totally digitalized. A solution that will progressively facilitate communication and document sharing, particularly for KYC, but also to securely store all client data will be a real evolution, according to Sébastien Capt (CEO, Prime Partner).

First of all, it is important to understand that this is an application that can only be accessed by co-option. Why is this? To ensure that only invited people can communicate in private discussion circles.

A double authentication is also required to communicate. This security protects against any risk of hacking and optimally secures all communications on the application.

In order to respect a total confidentiality, all the elements of the application are encrypted (data, documents, messages, senders, receivers, etc.).

It is therefore impossible for anyone, including Wecan’s teams, to access any data in the application.

Thanks to these decisive aspects, it becomes easy for an asset manager to communicate with a client, to retrieve KYC documents, sensitive documents, cash orders, or any other form of exchange or sharing. Each user can then transfer a message, guaranteeing its absolute authenticity to the recipient, whether it is a bank, a notary, a lawyer or other.

Finally, this unique messaging system is based on a private blockchain, the Wecan Chain, which is a Layer 2 guaranteeing total auditability of all messages without the possibility of deleting them.


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