Discover the exclusive interview of Vincent Pignon in Paris

Interview Vincent Pignon Cryptoday Paris France innovation

Last month, we took part in Cryptoday held in Paris, the largest gathering of the Web 3.0 ecosystem in France. 
This event organized by Finance Innovation gathered more than 400 participants who came to learn more about cryptoassets and the topics that revolve around them such as NFT or Tokenization.

For the opening of this event, our CEO Vincent Pignon has been interviewed in order to introduce Wecan and our core businesses to the French participants. He detailed Wecan Comply for those who didn’t know it yet, and exclusively introduced Wecan Connect, our new instant messaging service powered by our own blockchain Wecan Chain.

But the most anticipated announcement was the launch of our token. 

Discover the full interview of Vincent for Cryptoday:

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