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We want to offer our clients services that secure their data and their exchanges while respecting their privacy. The exclusivity behind our hotel or medical activities will be further strengthened with what we are going to set up with Wecan, and will enable our customers to be in an exclusive club on an international scale.

Michel Reybier

Founder of La Reserve Group

In the light of recent and ongoing regulatory changes, Pictet has identified an opportunity to digitize the onboarding and relationship management process with external asset managers (EAMs). Wecan Comply and its shareable standard for data collection ensure considerable efficiency gains for our EAMs.

Cédric Haenni

COO Pictet Asset Services

Wecan Comply will facilitate the daily life of our customers by reducing their operational work while allowing secure information sharing between stakeholders.

Laurent Pellet

Limited Partner - Global Head of External Asset Managers

The excellence in service is what drives Mirabaud every day. We are committed towards technological progress whenever it can help us streamline administrative tasks because this will give us more quality time for our clients and allow us to focus even more on their personalized needs.

Pierre Donnet

Head of External Asset Managers

Optimize our resources to achieve our objectives. Our industry must reinvent itself, Wecan Comply is part of this change by offering a disruptive solution available to all independent asset managers.

Alain Zell

Managing Partner & CEO

Blockchain’s potential today lies in solutions that use the technology in projects. This is the case for the Wecan Comply compliance platform, which enables the exchange of information between financial players.

Rachid Guerraoui

Professor at EPFL


Banking Tech award Best Regtech Solution - Communications
European 2023 Best Blockchain-Based Sourcing Solution
Swiss EAM 2023 Best Data Provider
Swiss 2023 Best Data Provider
Swiss 2022 Best Compliance Solution for External Asset Managers
Swiss 2022 Best Data Provider
Swiss EAM 2022 Best Data Provider
Swiss EAM 2021 Best Compliance Solution for External Asset Managers
Trust Valley 2021
Venture Leaders Fintech 2020
Digital Switzerland 2019

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