Certification cycle “Blockchain Strategy” with Crea Geneva

Certification Cycle 2022 Blockchain strategy Crea Geneva

The certification cycle 2022 Blockchain Strategy provided by Crea Geneva starts on March 4. Find out more about this educational program and receive a 15% discount on your registration.

This year again, we have the pleasure to co-lead the Blockchain Strategy certification cycle given by Crea Geneva. This 15-day certification course enables participants to understand the challenges related to blockchain.

If the Internet changed communication methods, Blockchain will revolutionize transactions. Various fields (Banks, legal forms, administrations, etc.) will undergo a great transformation and the traditional operating models will change enormously.

In order to help professionals anticipate these changes and benefit fully from new opportunities, CREA is offering a cycle of study with certification to learn about Blockchain, cryptocurrencies and tokenization.

Among the best professional speakers, all recognized as true experts in their fields, we will find Vincent Pignon, our CEO, Guirec Le Bars, our CTO Nathan Douet, our Innovation & Operation Manager and Frederic Dumonal, member of our Board.

Find out all the information about this Blockchain Strategy certification cycle on the Crea Geneva website.

As a partner of this certification cycle, we are very pleased to offer you a 15% discount on your registration.

Please contact us to take advantage of it.

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