Secure your data.

Wecan tokenize data on a blockchain for auditability, time-stamping, rewards and secure sharing.

A unique ecosystem

Mitigate risk

Good calls need good data. Mitigate your organisation’s risks using up to date, peer-reviewed & secure data.

Boost efficiency

Hit the ground running on browser, slash repeat work & cost with recyclable golden data & automation.

Engage counterparts

Catalyse engagement by providing extreme convenience, real-time task ownership clarity, savings & rewards.

Secure and efficient communication

Our Blockchain-based applications that guarantee optimal level of trust, privacy and security.

Blockchain Data Manager

Wecan Comply is a Blockchain Data Manager used daily by over 100 financial institutions.

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Blockchain Secured & Instant Messaging

Wecan Connect is a Blockchain secure instant messaging for professionals with distributed data storage.

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Discover the WECAN Token

WECAN Token has one purpose, to anchor transactions on Wecan Chain and record hashes linked to data transmitted by users of Wecan applications.

Presale finished


Oversubscribed by 115%, CHF 1.623 million sold against a target of CHF 1.4 million.
Next step: listing, stay tuned!

CHF 1’623’803

115% of CHF 1’400’000 collected

Words from our partners

We are user-centric and we cocreate our products with our partners.

Blockchain Association for Finance (BAF)

The governance of the innovative compliance platform Wecan comply is managed directly by its customers through the Blockchain Association for Finance (BAF). Custodian banks and External Asset Managers (EAM) using Wecan Comply are therefore part of the Blockchain Association for Finance.

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