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We believe it’s time to move into a new era, the era of the Internet of Trust.

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Secure and efficient communication

Our Blockchain-based applications that guarantee optimal level of trust, privacy and security.

Compliance platform

Auditability, privacy, smart storage and data quality for compliance and financial actors.

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Swiss secure messaging

Instant messaging service supporting encryption, blockchain audibility, group messaging, rich content sharing and third-party plugins.

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Supported by our own blockchain

Wecan Chain is our encrypted private blockchain powering our suite of solutions.


End-to-end encryption of all data


Immutable recording of all updates

High availability

Your data are always accessible


Fit all types of companies


Private blockchain without mining

A token to empower our ecosystem

Wecan Token is used in the ecosystem of products and solutions

Words from our partners

We are user-centric and we cocreate our products with our partners.

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