Join us on Thursday April 7 at Rent Switzerland 2022 and attend to our round table

Rent Switzerland David Delmi Wecan Conference Round Table

We are pleased to participate to Rent Switzerland 2022, the #1 event for real estate professionals organized at the Swisstech Convention Center in Lausanne on April 6-7, 2022.
On Thursday 7 at 11am, we will organize a round table with SIG and Swisslending about the future of real estate investments.

Rent Switzerland is the major event for real estate professionals in Switzerland aims to create an environment conducive to the networking of actors in the real estate industry to enable them to develop their business relationships in a qualitative and friendly environment.  

For this 3rd edition of Rent Switzerland, David Delmi, our Business Development Manager, will animate a round table on Thursday April 7 at 11am with the SIG Geneva and Swisslending about the following topics:

   – Participatory financing of the energy transition

   – Alternative real estate financing, from crowdlending to tokenization 

Participatory financing is becoming more democratic in Switzerland. Regulatory and technological developments are creating new opportunities that will be presented with: 

   – SIG Geneva, pioneers with the SIG Impact platform that aims to finance the energy transition through crowdfunding. More than 100 projects for over 1 million francs have already been financed.  

   – Swisslending, the leader in real estate crowdfunding in Switzerland, which has raised more than CHF 200 million since 2016 and is a pioneer player in real estate tokenization.

Find out the full program of Rent Switzerland 2022 on their website.

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