Public Presale

The public presale offers early adopters the opportunity to purchase Wecan tokens at a special rate before its wide-scale release. This preferial rate lead discount compared to the IEO.

Ends in


CHF 646’920

44% of CHF 1’400’000 collected

1 Token = CHF 0.00085

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Frequently asked questions

The token is named “Wecan”.

It is a utility token.

The Wecan token is utilized as a transaction fee for all Wecan applications, primarily to ensure auditability.

While its primary function is as described above, it’s important to note that we cannot restrict the diverse ways in which a token might be used.

Any change of circumstances or message, said differently where auditability is needed.
In Wecan Comply: Transactions are triggered by any saved update or on the platform or any data exchange to another counterparty.In Wecan Connect: Transactions occur when a message is exchanged with a business account.

The Wecan team comprises individuals with deep institutional backgrounds who are passionate about technology. We are dedicated to shaping the future of data exchange, with a keen focus on security and blockchain. Additionally, our efforts are bolstered by a senior advisory board. The entire team is based in Switzerland.

The public pre-sale is scheduled to begin in September.

You can invest using Swiss Francs, USD, or Euros.

The token is built on the Ethereum blockchain.

Yes, the smart contract has been audited by an external company, Mt Pelerin. You can learn more about them here.(

Yes, the token will be available for exchange once it gets listed, which is expected in Q1 2024.

The token is set to be listed on major institutional exchanges in Q1 2024. Specific names of the exchanges have not been disclosed yet.

There is no minimum amount to invest in the Wecan token during the public presale.

The token will be listed with a valuation of $0.001 USD. Therefore, the current price will remain the same until the listing.

During the public presale, you can effortlessly create a wallet as part of the investment process with Mt Pelerin platform. It’s a swift and straightforward procedure, so if you haven’t set up a wallet before, rest assured that no technical skills are required.

If you already possess a wallet, simply input your public key to receive your token directly into it.

You will be able to trade or transfer the token once it is listed on exchanges.

This token is supporting already existing applications. These apps are used by institutional clients and thus we have an institutional approach in all our actions, including the token.

Currently, no competitor offers a value proposition quite like ours. However, we anticipate some emergence in the next few years. With our strong ties to key institutional clients who are actively engaged with our tools, and even creating a standard around them, replicating our offering is extremely challenging and presents a significantly high entry barrier.

We welcome both individuals and companies to start using our apps. From the outset, we’ve embraced a co-creation approach, ensuring that you play an integral role in the evolution of our products.

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For support, download the Wecan Connect app free of charge. Once in the app, navigate to ‘Settings’ and tap on ‘Contact Support’ to reach our dedicated team.