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The public presale offers early adopters the opportunity to purchase Wecan tokens at a special rate before its wide-scale release. This preferial rate lead discount compared to the IEO.

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CHF 646’920

44% of CHF 1’400’000 collected

1 Token = CHF 0.00085

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A one-of-a-kind opportunity before the WECAN Token listing

In 2015, we had a dream.
The dream that one day, everything will be tokenized and connected on the blockchain to better secure our data and our private lives.
We got “free” access to the internet by giving up control of our personal data.
Wecan change this.
We first created the blockchain digital safe for data with over 100 leaders among the most demanding in terms of privacy.
We then created a blockchain alternative to Whatsapp.
And every day, we work to democratize access and uses with education, conferences, and research projects.
Today, we are delighted to offer you a unique opportunity to be a part of the Wecan journey.
To build the future together!
To join us.
Come on board.

A token empowered by our products

The more users use our products, the more valuable the token will be.

Blockchain Data Manager

Wecan Comply is a Blockchain Data Manager used daily by over 100 financial institutions.

Blockchain Secured & Instant Messaging

Wecan Connect is a Blockchain secure instant messaging for professionals with distributed data storage.

Real-time usage dashboard

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The foundational layers we have already built

Today we are strategically positioned at the frontier of Web3 innovation. We have built the most functional gateway to bridge the gap between institutionals and blockchain technology.

Secure your data. Minimize your risk.

We minimizes compliance overhead, reduces the impact and cost of data breaches, and allows data to be shared more freely and securely with Web3.

Share Data More Freely & Securely

More securely authenticate users, validate their information and enrich their profiles without ever revealing sensitive data to partners, other internal teams, or third party services.

Say goodbye to risky Instant Messaging

Wecan Connect’s vaultless data privacy can replace WhatsApp, Telegram, Signal and protect your business’ and customers’ data.

Solutions leveraged by leading financial institutions

The future layers we are pioneering

Web3 will induce the biggest data shift of our time. Wecan will lead the democratisation of that. Simplifying all aspects of web3 data management and providing first-row passage to tomorrow’s exponential age.

Next Gen Data Management

Improve the security of your online personal and professional data with our data manager you can trust. Add enterprise-grade data management to your service.

Digital Blockchain Signature

To prove a contract signature, intellectual property, protect communications, etc.

The AI database

With distributed storage and high-quality data, we’re going to increase the potential of personal AI tenfold.

Instant Messaging Aggregator

A single entry point to all your Apps, WhatsApp, Telegram, Signal, Slack, etc.

Team Members


Founder & CEO


Chief Growth Officer


Head of Product




Customer Success Manager


Lead Designer


Product Owner


Administrative Manager


Full Stack Developer


Full Stack Developer


VP Software Engineer


Lead of Growth Hacking


Lead Web3

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