The digital platform for Swiss notaries

Digitalising notarial deeds and exchanging with official registers in one click.

An explanatory diagram showing the exchange of information between Notaries and official registers.

A digital and safe exchange platform

It will soon be possible for Swiss notaries to send their notarial deeds entirely digitally. The Wecan Act platform currently under development allows notaries to dispense with physical transfers when exchanging documents with public administrations.

The Geneva Chamber of Notaries will be the first to use Wecan Act from 2022 with the Geneva cantonal tax administration. If you would like to help us implement this solution in other cantons or with other registers, please contact us.


What can you do with Wecan Act ?

Deed Registery

Digitise all your deeds in a secure and confidential system.

Customer registry

Easily create customer files linked to your acts, and exchange more flexibly with them.

Digital exchange

Send your deeds in digital form to official registers. Only you have access to your data.

Tax Notice

Quickly receive tax notices from official registers digitally.


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Simplify your exchanges with registries