wecan chain

Web 3.0 smart storage infrastructure

An encrypted private blockchain optimised for storing data.


What is Wecan Chain?

Distributed proprietary private blockchain

Optimised for storing and chaining events and transactions in near real-time.

End to end encryption: every piece of data is encrypted in flight and at rest using keys which only end-users possess. Neither Wecan or infrastructure providers can make sense of stored data.

Client applications can interact via dedicated UI (eg: Wecan Connect) or integrate via a modern API. In both scenarii, transactions are encrypted end-to-end.

A built-in layer 2 technology allows anchoring on public blockchains for providing the highest level of trust when required.

It is the technological foundation of Wecan Connect & Wecan Comply.

(Soon) Powered by a utility token, the Wecan Token (WCT).

how it works

Technology architecture

global features

What can you do with Wecan Chain?


End-to-end encryption of all data


Immutable recording of all updates

High availability

Your data are always accessible


Fit all types of companies


Private blockchain without mining


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